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Prison Life Game is a Roguelike+Survival+Simulation+Role-Playing game that places you behind bars. To survive the punishment of the penitentiary system, you’ll need to stay healthy and fit, gain allies, eliminate enemies, bribe the guards, bet in illegal boxing matches, and more while pushing for parole or planning an escape.


◆100 prisoners to play as, each with his own Personal Goal/Mission
◆18 skills to learn and master
◆4 gangs to join and climb up the ranks
◆Recruit up to 7 inmates in your escape plan
◆80+ items to collect or craft
◆126 nicknames/achievements to earn
◆20+ different jobs
◆Different ways to escape from prison
◆You will die plenty of times

Behave and get released? Arrange early parole with lawyer? Suicide? Break out from prison with an escape team? Become the Gang leader? Executed?
The choice is yours, prisoner.

Took more than a year to construct, the warden guarantees that this prison is deep, challenging and will lock you up for hours!

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