Horror Movies That Come From Literature

We know that literature, besides being read or heard in audiobooks, can also be read, it can be seen since the cinema exists and we have unchecked ourselves without fear of the repeated and not always certain phrase ‘the book is better than the film’; we do it for several reasons, firstly because the book is not always better, it’s just different because the film tells the stories in a different way and secondly because literature is only the medium through which the great stories pass of generation in generation and, when the stories are creative, impressive, reflective, exciting and are also loaded with teachings, what does the medium matter? it matters the end, to learn more about ourselves, today facing our fears with the light of the room turned off, a bowl of popcorn in the lap and one of the living dead,

Beisbook exists to demonstrate with each publication that the classics are not only outdated but also rabidly topical and, if we talk about scary classics taken to the putlocker movies, we find an unquestionable fact that gives us the right: the best gothic novels and the best stories of terror have been taken to the cinema when the seventh art was also a new art and in times much closer to us, how to explain the interest of the cinema at the end of the last century in the classics of horror literature if it is not starting of the certain premise that they still have a lot to tell us? that in addition to the creative grandeur of their stories, of course.

We chose 10 films based on horror literature classics written in English, we could have another ten or make a list of 20 or more, so you will see that in some cases we refer some other version besides the one we recommend, choose the ones with the most you want to wake up in Halloween but do not stop seeing the best stories of fear that literature has given when they were taken to the movies, whether you get lost in the movies of the 30s or if it is the 60 that attracts you irremediably or of those who never quit puna film of the 90s, then you will find the movie you want to get in your face on Halloween.


To speak of Mary Shelley’s monster taken to the cinema, by Frankenstein, is undoubtedly to speak of Boris Karloff; We started our series of scary movies with one from 1931, a jewel of classic cinema that you have to watch at least once in a lifetime.

It is not a movie to die of fear and is light years away from the special effects follies that can be achieved now but Mary Shelley’s novel is not interstellar science fiction but rather intimate, very human, it is not the fear of death what that faces here but to the solitude, to the prejudices of some and others, to the naked badness … (and no, it is not the one of the monster, or at least it is not only the one of the monster).

If you prefer a more modern version you can let yourself be carried away by that of Kenneth Branagh, an actor and director whose adaptations of English classics we have weakness … although not enough to not recognize that this is not his best work. In any case with him on screen with Helena Bonham Carter and Robert de Niro … who would not dare to see it ?.


Did you know that Tim Burton shot a short film based on this story by HG Wells in the 70s? he was only 13 years old and already pointed ways …

Of course to recommend an adaptation to the film of the island of Dr. Moreau we have no choice but to stay with that in 1996 starred Val Kilmer and Marlon Brandon – even knowing that it is a remake of the 1977 film starring Burt Lancaster-; we warned you, yes, that his success at the box office was not such but with this pair of actors in front of the film a minimum of art is assured, do not you think? (If the answer is no, choose another movie …).


What Roger Corman and Poe was a movie romance … or how a director can get to commune with the mind of a dead writer and make their classic stories of cinema; In 1960 he contacted Vicent Price to make the story of The Fall of the House of the Usher, it was his first adaptation of Poe, the beginning of his particular series about the work of the American writer and also his first film in Cinemascope. More reasons to see it? We do not either, we warn you that it is a film made with low budget, one of those calls B series … are you still tempted to see it? we also.


Can you imagine the world of terror without Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? U.S. Niether; as it happens with classics like Dracula or Frankenstein if something is missing are film adaptations of this classic of the literature of fear and terror: in 1920 we find John Barrymore (ancestor of the Drew, the girl of ET) starring in this terrible story, in 1931 it is Fredric March who has such an honor and earns a deserved Oscar for it; Do you prefer to leave classic cinema for another occasion and discover the story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sifted by a more modern vision? we dare to propose an adaptation that is not such: Mary Reilly, here you will see John Malkovich putting face to Jekyll and Hyde although the story is not based on the novel by Stevenson but in one written by Valerie Martin based in turn on the story from Stevenson.


It is possible that, like us, you are one of those who, when thinking about Dracula, visualize the transformed face of Gary Olmand under the orders of Coppola in the adaptation of the Bram Stoker classic to the cinema in the 90s, but surely the name of Bela Lugosi will also says something …

We have a hard time deciding to give up a horror movie monster like Bela Lugosi and it is even harder not to give Dracula his face in black and white but it is hard to deny Coppola the applause he deserves for his spectacular adaptation of this terrible vampire story.

Do you want classic cinema? the Dracula of Lugosi are you looking for a more current movie? Oldman and Coppola (we’ll see both!).