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Pillars of Eternity (original working title Project Eternity) is an isometric, party-based RPG featuring a real-time-with-pause combat system and a magic system revolving around souls. Pillars Of Eternity Download is allowed by our team from this website. The game is set in an original high fantasy setting created by Obsidian Entertainment, promising a mature-themed story with deep dialogues, reactive characters, and meaningful choices and consequences.

On our website allows you, Pillars Of Eternity Download with high speed and also from virus , spyware and adware protection and its completely free to download here. This game does not reward experience points for killing enemies, but for completing quests and discovering new areas.The game starts with a character creation screen where the player can choose items for their playable character, such as their physical appearance, race and creed. The player can choose to play as one of the eleven available classes: fighter, paladin, ranger, wizard, druid, monk, priest, rogue, chanter and cipher. Each of them make the game play different; for example, the cipher can use the soul of an enemy in order to attack them,and druids can shapes hift into a beast and cast spells. The protagonist’s class can also influence the number of available dialogue options. The player may adventure with up to five other characters out of a total of eight that they can pick up on their travels. These are fleshed out characters with unique personalities and appearances. Additionally, the protagonist can hire party members which the player creates in local taverns, but at a monetary cost.

The game has optional side quests that do not advance the main plot, which feature fleshed out supporting characters and multiple outcomes. According to a writer for Digital Spy, most of these are not “fetch quests”.During the game, the protagonist can build up a reputation depending on their actions. Non-playable characters will react differently to him or her depending on this, and it can also impact the outcome of certain events in the game. The game features a scouting mode in which the party can sneak, which allows the player to avoid being seen by enemies. During scouting, the party can spot hidden items and traps, which the player can disarm and use against enemies.

Damage from enemies to the player’s characters have an impact on an endurance and health pool. While endurance regenerates after combat, health can only be restored by resting. The party can either set up camp, or rest in an inn.If a character in the party have their endurance drained, they are knocked out until the end of combat. If a companion has their health reduced to zero then they become permanently dead.

The player can choose from five skills to beat situations: Stealth, Athletics, Lore, Mechanics and Survival. As the player fights more creatures, then more information is added to their bestiary. This helps the player to find out information about how to attack them effectively. Early in the game, the protagonist will take over a stronghold, that acts as the party’s fortress which can be upgraded.

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